What Is Drug Addiction

For millennia, human beings have sought exterior substances to bring their consciousness to a whole new level. Many cultures over the years have used substances in religious rituals to aid in contacting the other side or simply to enhance a ceremony. At some point in time, humans started to use these drugs to alter their mind for pleasure, amusement or simply to escape an unpleasant time in their life. Drug addiction has been a social concern for many years. The only difference today is the drugs being used are being used by a lot more people and some of those drugs are a lot deadlier than the ones used in the past.

Drug addiction is now considered a disease and it is believed that some people are more predisposed to becoming addicted to drugs than others. No matter the method used to get to the point of addiction, whether it be through prescription drugs prescribed by a doctor for a certain ailment or through street drugs acquired for recreational use, drug addiction can become a real problem quickly. Many negative things can result from addiction including deadly overdose, suicide, mental health issues, physical health issues and a need to turn to crime in order to feed the addiction which can be costly.

Addiction does not discriminate. Men and women of all ages, social classes and races can become addicted. No one intends to get addicted to a substance but it happens frequently. People tend to think that one time won’t hurt but that one time could be all that is needed. Drug addiction can cause a host of issues in the user’s life and in today’s communities at large. In the life of the user, the first thing they will notice is friends and family members showing concern and then withdrawing when no changes are seen. An addict may lose their job, their home, their family and their former life in exchange for their drug of choice. That’s how powerful addiction can be. Within the community, addiction breeds homelessness and crime that can quickly get out of control once a drug hits the streets and acquires a number of people under its grasp.

Some drugs are more addictive than others but the treatment is pretty much the same across the board. The options include detox, rehab and the use of methadone or similar drugs that are used to counteract the original addiction. Some patients may require all of the above to help them through it but the first step is wanting help. If someone does not want the help to get off drugs, no treatment will be effective.